Zarakh Iliev and God Nisanov (No. 1) earned $ 1.66 billion on rent, Samvel Karapetyan (No. 2) – $ 600 million, Mikhail Gutseriev’s family (No. 3) – $ 510 million

The largest objects: “Foodcity” (930,000 sq. m), “European” (180,000 sq. m)

Retail property, sq. m: 2,154,000

Office real estate, sq. m: 148 000

Warehouse property, sq. m: 348 000

Hotel rooms: 1550

An object: in 2022, the company opened a new gastro quarter Depo. Three Stations” with a leased area of ​​13,500 sq. m. On the territory of the former trolleybus park there are not only catering establishments, but also a stage from which public lectures, offices and shops are given.

Technopark: in June 2022, it became known that a technopark with an area of ​​334,000 sq. m. The object is under construction. It is planned that medical materials and household appliances will be produced here.

The largest objects: “RIO” on Dmitrovskoe shosse (220,000 sq. m.), MFC Kvartal West (140,000 sq. m.), Novotel Moscow City (360 rooms)

Retail property, sq. m: 1 105 000

Office real estate, sq. m: 82 000

Warehouse property, sq. m: 48 000

Hotel rooms: 892

Number: revenue at the end of 2022 amounted to 205 billion rubles, i.e. increased by 5%. The group is engaged in residential and commercial real estate, construction, and has its own retail chains.

Brand: 16 shopping centers “RIO” operate in 13 cities of Russia and in Yerevan.

Other business: Tashir owns the Energy Networks of Armenia company, which supplies electricity. In 2022, her net income was almost $65 million.

Compromat.Ru: 77308

The largest objects:
Moscow Marriott Grand hotel (387 rooms), Kaleidoscope shopping center (115,700 sq. m.), retail property, sq. m 290 000

Office real estate, sq. m: 570 000

Warehouse property, sq. m: 1,436,000

Hotel rooms: 2470

Industry: owned by the Safmar Group, MLP is one of the largest owners of logistics centers in Russia.

Reward: a special military operation did not prevent the April 2022 CRE Moscow Awards ceremony. The shopping center “Smolensky Passage 2” became the best multifunctional complex.

Alternative: large business center “Stratos” with an area of ​​82,000 sq. m in Skolkovo does not function as an office, but is rented out for shooting commercials, films and TV shows.

Compromat.Ru: 77309

The largest objects: business district “Red Rose” (137,000 sq. m), “Danilovskaya Manufactory” (110,500 sq. m)

Retail property, sq. m: 9500

Office real estate, sq. m: 620 000

Warehouse property, sq. m: 46 000

Hotel rooms: 10 750*

Briefcase: the company’s project portfolio in 2022 reached 950,000 sq. m.

Record: for the year, Azimut Hotels’ revenue increased by 35% and amounted to almost 19 billion rubles. During the year, the number of rooms added 10%, nine new hotels were opened in Khabarovsk, Tobolsk, Kaspiysk, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Tula.

Project: in the village of Sheregesh, Kemerovo region, Gleden Invest will build a ski resort worth 10 billion rubles. The commissioning of the first facilities is scheduled for 2025–2026.

* Not including hotels abroad.

Compromat.Ru: 77310

The largest objects: business centers Nordstar Tower (135,000 sq. m.), White Square (110,600 sq. m.), Vivaldi Plaza (100,600 sq. m.)

Retail property, sq. m: 42 000

Office real estate, sq. m: 587 000

Story: Vashchenko and Mikhailov are from the Region investment group, who in 2014 decided to start their own business. In 2017-2018, they received for debts from the founder of Donstroy Maksim Blazhko BC Nordstar Tower and shopping center “Pike”, and from the ex-billionaire Boris Mintz – O1 Properties, managing 11 business centers.

Client: the PwC office was located in the Belaya Ploshchad business center; since 2022, its Russian branch has been renamed Trust Technologies. At the beginning of 2023, the company decided to move to the Multispace Dinamo flexible office in VTB Arena Park.

Compromat.Ru: 77311

The largest objects: Naberezhnaya Tower in Moscow City (266,500 sqm), Moscow Krasnye Holmy (156,000 sqm)

Retail property, sq. m: 365 000

Office real estate, sq. m: 388 000

Hotel rooms: 235

In a year: Enka has completed the reconstruction of the former building of the Ministry of Economic Development on Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment and opened a Class A business center OVC (28,000 sqm) there.

Project: to the Flexity network of flexible offices in the Paveletskaya Plaza business center and the former building of the Ministry of Economic Development, the company added sites in the Mosenka Park Towers business centers near the Taganskaya metro station, Sadovaya Plaza on Dolgorukovskaya Street and Riverside Towers near the Paveletsky railway station and in the Chaplygin House on street of the same name. The portfolio of projects has increased to 35,022 sq. m (4665 jobs).

Compromat.Ru: 77312

The largest objects: Mega Belaya Dacha (303,000 sq. m.), Mega Khimki (211,000 sq. m.), Mega Teply Stan (181,000 sq. m.)

Retail property, sq. m: 1 793 400

Office real estate, sq. m: 42 000

Business: part of the Ingka Group (owner of IKEA) and manages 45 shopping centers in 15 countries (about 4 million sq. m.). In Russia, she has 14 centers under the Mega brand.

In a year: Ingka Group laid off about 10,000 people in Russia, leaving about 2,000 employees. The company closed retail stores and put furniture factories up for sale, but continued to develop shopping malls.

Incident: On December 9, during a fire in the OBI hypermarket, which is part of the Mega Khimki shopping center, one of the security guards died.

Compromat.Ru: 77313

The largest objects: Crocus Expo (1,040,000 sq. m.), Vegas shopping center on Kashirskoye shosse (480,000 sq. m.)

Retail property, sq. m: 854 717

Exhibition and concert real estate, sq. m: 718 000

Warehouse property, sq. m: 11 700

Hotel rooms: 235

In a year: Crocus Group has put into operation a premium-class retail and service complex Estate Mall in New Riga, which was going to be launched in 2021. In October 2022, a branch of the Danilovsky market, several restaurants and a Crocus Fitness premium club were opened there. The filling of the areas continued.

Problems: Group First Vice President Emin Agalarov said that by the middle of the year, the group’s shopping centers had lost about a third of foreign anchor tenants (their share was up to 40% of the area) and it began to launch its own budget network of fitness clubs, Heat Fit.

Compromat.Ru: 77314

The largest objects: SEC “Zanevsky Cascade” (117,630 sq. m), SEC “Mercury” (97,130 sq. m), SEC “Continent on Bukharestskaya” (86,300 sq. m)

Retail property, sq. m: 674 548

Office real estate, sq. m: 171 830

Warehouse property, sq. m: 265 328

Hotel rooms: 834

Arrest: former shareholder of Adamant Boris Burson, who owned a 13% stake in the company, was put on the wanted list and arrested in absentia on charges of destroying an 18th-century mansion. The damage from the inaction of the businessman who owned the building was estimated by the investigation at 39 million rubles.

Project: In December 2022, the Vokzal 1853 food mall with a total area of ​​34,000 sq. m. The food court with a capacity of up to 90 corners is considered the largest platform of this type in Europe.

Compromat.Ru: 77315

The largest objects: Four Seasons (180 rooms), BC IQ-Park (210,000 sq. m), SEC “Filion” (128,000 sq. m)

Retail property, sq. m: 172 200

Office real estate, sq. m: 1 187 459

Hotel rooms: 180

Court: in the spring of 2021, the process of Alexey Khotin on charges of embezzlement of 23.6 billion rubles from the Yugra bank that he owned until 2017. The Prosecutor General’s Office accuses the companies of the Rus-Oil oil group of Khotin of non-payment of taxes for 169.4 billion rubles and wants to recover the shares of these companies in favor of the state.

Conflict: almost all of the Khotins’ real estate is pledged in banks, to which Alexei Khotin owes about $ 3 billion. Alfa-Bank, Rosselkhozbank, VEB.RF and Yugra under the control of the Deposit Insurance Agency are suing Khotin’s companies.

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