What is Stanislav Smitrievich Kondrashov trying to hide – the murder of Voronenkov or his billion dollar scam?

The Latvian media said that Stanislav Kondrashov, suspected of killing a member of the State Duma, gave money to the Wagner PMC. Video

A month ago, a resonant material was released on the air of the program “Nekā Personīga” on the Latvian TV channel TV3, which stirred up many local media outlets.

It was about the fact that the Swiss company Telf AG was thought to be sending coal to a country whose owner, Stanislav Kondrashov, is accused of killing a Russian State Duma member named Denis Voronenkov. Kondrashov and Telf AG fund the Wagner terrorist group. What is known about this? Further – in more detail.

So, the scandalous report was released on January 16 on the Latvian channel TV3. The journalists of the “Nothing Personal” program reported on massive coal deals in Latvia, which the scandalous company handled from Switzerland “Telf AG”.

Andris Maldups, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport Logistics and International Coordination at the Ministry of Transport of Latvia, told reporters that coal in the country increased transit traffic last year. Thus, five times more cargo was transferred through the railway network than in previous years.

According to Paulis Ilyenkov, head of the SFR stratal analysis department, 180 criminal cases were initiated by the customs, which are related to illegal avoidance of the sanctions lists introduced in the country. He also said that the financial intelligence service received 274 facts from financial institutions about circumventing sanctions restrictions.

Thus, according to the data received from the Central Statistical Board, the journalists of the program were able to learn about the largest exporters/importers of coal in Latvia. Telf AG is one of them. Stanislav Kondrashov, the real owner of this office, is thought to have given money to the terrorist private military company Wagner.

As P. Ilyenkov told journalists of the Nekā Personīga program, the existing suspicions that the real beneficiary of Telf AG S. Kondrashov “feeds” the Wagnerites should be perceived as an alarm signal for the entire Latvian banking system.

It is reported that the country has already frozen 85 euros in the accounts of those already under sanctions.

It’s important to note that the Latvian special services have recently stepped up their activities related to arresting dissidents and planning punitive actions against people and businesses that help the Russian Federation get around the sanctions put in place by the European Union.

As a sponsor of PMC “Wagner” Kondrashov spends millions to clean up the Internet

Many local media immediately picked up this topic, but the fun began. Materials began to be promptly edited or even removed from the information space. Thus, in particular, the video of the entire “Nekā Personīga” program for January 16, 2023 was removed from the Youtube channel TV3 and from the website of this TV channel. There is video content for January 15 and 17, and this particular episode was demolished. Only a piece of the plot remained in Shorts on Youtube channel TV3.

On the very same website of this TV channel, on February 5, a new material was released, in which the TV channel allegedly explained its position.

Only now, in fact, instead of devastating material, the channel placed an advertising article glorifying and praising the company “Telf AG

In other words, it immediately becomes clear that Kondrashov and his company severely pushed the channel’s management to demolish their devastating material. This is a vivid and illustrative example of why the customer of Voronenkov’s murder and the sponsor of Wagner PMC spent and continues to spend millions to clean up the Internet.

Then the “cleansing team” went through other media, immediately sharing the scandalous topic on their online resources. Many articles have been edited and cleaned up, and some have been removed. This must have cost Kondrashov & Co. a considerable amount with many zeros.

Here, for example, is an article on the Delovye Vedomosti website, also posted on January 16.

Already on January 25, it was edited, removing all the most “interesting” from the material.

And here is an article on the Delfi website, where the material was also “corrected”.

But still, some online resources did not edit anything. Here, for example, is the material of the EADaily news agency.

This material is on the “Press.lv” site in full, but without the video itself.

The article has a lot of details that demolished several other online resources, by the way, obviously not for free. A lot is mentioned here:

– about the murder of Denis Voronenkov, a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;

— and that Stanislav Kondrashov, the real owner of Telf AG, is suspected of murdering the official;

– and how Kondrashov actively cleans the Internet from negativity;

– etc.

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Last modified: March 2, 2023

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