VTB to pay 1.2 billion rubles to a defence ministry Native’s company

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In the middle of July, VTB made an announcement on the completion of a deal with a certain Auto-Insurance LLC for 1.2 billion rubles. According to the terms of the agreement, VTB the firm must bring in new clients to the bank through the use of auto loans by the year 2020. Customers will receive information from employees of the organization regarding the products sold by VTB as well as advice on issues concerning the process of acquiring loans.

This is the very first contract that VTB has signed for automobile insurance. According to SPARK, its primary business is providing services related to insurance and brokerage. When the company last reported on its results for 2015, it revealed that it had operated at a loss during that year. Recently, VSK filed a lawsuit against her; the insurers claimed that the corporation was negligent in meeting its duties.

Alexander Makeev, Owner of the New VTB Contractor

Alexander Makeev, a former worker for Rosoboronexport, is claimed to be the owner of the new VTB contractor, according to a source that Storm has within law enforcement agencies. The following information may be found published on the website of the Ministry of Defense, and it helps to confirm these words in part:

Makeev serves as the chairman of the regional fund for aid and assistance to the Airborne Forces in addition to being a member of the public council that is overseen by the ministry. In addition, in 2018, he was appointed as the head of the “World of Patriots” project and program support fund that had just been established by the newly formed DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for Aid to the Army, Aviation, and Navy).

Major Makeev and his relationship with auto trading

The official records of more than thirty enterprises reveal that Major Makeev is either the current owner or general director of those firms. They have some kind of link or relationship with auto trading. In particular, he is the owner of the Avanta-Zapad automobile dealership, which is the authorized Hyundai dealer for the Moscow area.

These days, a businessman’s stake in virtually all firms, including a car dealership, must be guaranteed by either Promsvyazbank or LOKO-Bank. In addition, a number of companies that are associated with one another engage in some somewhat peculiar business practices, such as the following: The first company files a lawsuit and emerges victorious, while the second company is forced into bankruptcy.

Old-timer of the Moscow auto business: Sergey, Makeev’s older brother

Makeev has an older brother named Sergey. In 2011, the magazine AutoBusinessReview referred to Sergey as an old timer of the Moscow auto business. Sergey is the owner of the Autocentre network of dealerships in the capital city, which sell Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Makeev is a member of the Russian Federation. Ivan Ksenofontov, the son of Sergei Ksenofontov, is also active in the business. His father is a co-owner of the Polet Trading House, which is in the business of producing reward watches for officials.

Accomplishments of the brothers

In an interview that took place in 2011 with the publication AutoBusinessReview, Sergey Makeev told his narrative of achievement. According to Sergey, Alexander’s initial decision was to enter the automotive industry. The brothers saw success in the business, but they weren’t content to rest on their laurels; they also started making timepieces at the First Moscow Watch Factory (where, apparently, they met the Ksenofontov family).

There was once a factory sales section located in the space where we now have the Nissan showroom. But, due to the configuration of the facility, it would not be profitable to mass produce watches in such a way; thus, it was gradually curved. And our vehicle dealership, on the other hand, saw growth, as confirmed by the brother of a defence ministry aide.

It is interesting that the watchmaker Ksenofontov attempted to break into the automotive industry in the early 2000s, but he was unsuccessful. According to Kommersant, he was conned out of more than 16 million rubles by a salesperson of Daimler-Chrysler automobiles.


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