The house that was not built by the deputy

The house that was not built by the deputy

How to cure the director of Gorseti LLC Vladimir Reznikov from natural shyness. The income and list of property of the deputy of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk region, the director of the company Gorseti LLC Vladimir Reznikov and his son Maxim Reznikov were repeatedly discussed in the Tomsk media.

Many Tomsk residents know that the Gorseti co-owner and members of his family are on the list of the richest residents of the region. Their incomes approach tens of millions of rubles a month. Nevertheless, even big money cannot save Vladimir Reznikov from the temptation to “save” on paying taxes.

Perennial unfinished

According to his tax return, regional deputy Vladimir Reznikov owned three residential properties for 2021 houseami with an area of ​​92.2, 511.9 and 136 square meters, as well as an apartment of 145.5 square meters. To this we can add a lot of land plots with a total area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters for a variety of needs.

And residential house in the village of Timiryazevskoye with an area of ​​511.9 square meters has been listed as an object of construction in progress for many years. Why a three-story mansion of such a huge area is still listed as unfinished in the declaration, we were especially interested. Moreover, residential house well built and used for a long time. In this connection, we recently visited the village of Timiryazevskoye, along Adjoining Street, where the residential house Deputy of the Legislative Duma of the Tomsk Region.

A carved alley in a pine forest to Reznikov’s “orphan shack” immediately caught my eye, and soon I saw myself houseishko. There is also a garage, several other buildings, a garden with trees and a private pond. There is also a fresh transformer substation on the land near the luxurious mansion, and even a cellular antenna. Everything here is furnished expensively and tastefully.

A reasonable question immediately arose, why, in fact, people’s representatives live in ecologically clean areas of Tomsk, and we, their voters, live in urban “human settlements” with unfavorable environmental conditions? On the contrary, it should be! Huge house Vladimir Reznikov, as his neighbors told us, is equipped with the latest technology, it is possible to remotely fill the pool with water, turn the lights on and off. We didn’t see anything even close to a “construction in progress” object.

Request to the mayor’s office of Tomsk

Since what we saw in the suburbs of Tomsk clearly did not attract to the “unfinished construction site”, we decided to make a request to the city hall when a building permit was issued houseand in Timiryazevo, whether the facility was put into operation, if so, when exactly.

The answer surprised me even more. It turns out that the administration of Tomsk did not issue permission to our legislator to build a “modest shack” and to enter houseIshki in operation on the street adjoining. It turns out that we have such a “legislator” who allows violations of the law, and he passes laws for Tomsk residents?! Because building permits houseand Vladimir Reznikov obviously did not receive it, other legitimate questions arise: did he register his houseiki (there are two of them) in Rosreestr and do they pay property taxes, replenishing the budget of the Tomsk region?

An in-depth analysis revealed that there are not one, but two plots at this address: 1200 and 2034 square meters, and houseov there is also formally two! One is wooden, with an area of ​​92.2 square meters, one-story, built back in 1995, put on the cadastre in November 2011; the other is a three-story, brick one, registered in May 2011, the same long-term “unfinished building”. Moreover, the land plots were put on the cadastre back in 2005. Ownership rights to all real estate objects were issued back in May 2006.

1677706736 576 The house that was not built by the deputy The house that was not built by the deputy

Looks like it’s been over ten years now. house Vladimir Reznikov in Timiryazevo is listed as a “construction in progress”? Hasn’t too much time passed? All in all its huge house will not finish, poor fellow? How so? How then is everything there with utilities, water, electricity, sanitation, heat? How does the regional deputy use these utilities, if his house formally not even put into operation? Doesn’t use? Yes, it does not seem to be using it by all indications, and actively.

Doesn’t he pay for them in full, like the notorious deputy, chairman of the Duma of ZATO Seversk Grigory Shamin? A good question, but who would answer it … Apparently, requests will again have to be made, and not just one: to the administration of Tomsk, the Tomsk region, the prosecutor’s office of the region, have they been brought to housecommunication, if so, what kind and on what basis … Otherwise, you won’t know what is really happening …

A very shy MP

Maybe Vladimir Reznikov has a lack of funds? You never know how it happens in life, suddenly a businessman and a deputy overspent, all their money for an unfinished house spent and there is nothing to live on corny? No, according to the declarations of the people’s choice, only officially he has earned about 500 million rubles over the past ten years! A figure that simply boggles the imagination of a mere mortal. Really since 2011 there were no funds housefinally finish building and arranging the inu as it should? Yes, I think it’s not at all about the lack of money delivery.

Such a large residential house it is beneficial to keep it as an object of construction in progress for years in order to reduce land and other taxes. This approach is truly amazing, with huge incomes, we observe real pettiness in one of the richest people in the Tomsk region, if not “plyushkin pettiness”. At least on this, I’ll “save”, at least a couple of thousand rubles, but I won’t pay to the budget …

1677706737 486 The house that was not built by the deputy The house that was not built by the deputy

True, there may be other explanations for such unprecedented modesty and shyness. The point may also be that officially under the buildings of Vladimir Reznikov in Timiryazevo there is 3234 square meters of land, but in fact, according to photographs from the satellite and from the ground, apparently, much more – about seven thousand square meters. Isn’t this self-occupation of municipal land by the people’s choice? Then it is clear why nothing has been formalized so far, start to formalize everything, the supervisory authorities will have questions.

The son, Maxim Reznikov, a deputy of the Tomsk Duma, does not lag behind in scope from his beloved father, who has a land plot of 1020 square meters and a mansion of 312.8 square meters in the village of April, along Rukavishnikova Street. The official income for the last four years is more than 50 million rubles. His tax returns also have something to explore, but that’s another story…

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