The former director of Muromenergomash and adviser to the head of Dagestan received 6 years for fraud and embezzlement of 30 million rubles.

Erast Mataev

In Moscow, a verdict was passed in the case of the former general director of the Murom enterprise “Muromenergomash” Erasta Mataeva. The Meshchansky District Court of Moscow found the entrepreneur guilty of especially large embezzlement, as well as fraud.

Erast Mataev, as follows from open sources, is a native of Dagestan. In the late 1990s he was an assistant Ramazana Abdulatipova, who headed the Ministry of National Policy of Russia at that time. In 2014, Abdulatipov headed the Republic of Dagestan and Mataev became his adviser in 2015.

The enterprise of the Vladimir region “Muromenergomash” – one of the largest manufacturers of power transmission line supports in Russia – Mataev led for a short time from January to June 2017. The crimes incriminated to him date back to April 2017.

According to the version of the investigation, with which the court agreed, the general director of Muromenergomash concluded an agreement with the Moscow construction company AKstroy LLC. Under the contract, the Murom enterprise undertook to manufacture and supply metal structures for a total of 212 million rubles. But having received 165 million rubles from the customer for the first batch of products, Mataev handed over metal structures for only 126 million rubles. Thus, AKstroy LLC suffered material damage of almost 30 million rubles. These funds, according to the investigation, were appropriated by Mataev and his accomplices, Kommersant reports.

A criminal case against the ex-general director of Muromenergomash was initiated in the summer of 2018. Mataev was charged with fraud involving deliberate failure to fulfill contractual obligations in the field of entrepreneurial activity, especially large-scale fraud, as well as especially large-scale embezzlement. House arrest was chosen as a preventive measure for the businessman.

The Moscow court began to consider the criminal case on the merits in February 2021. Erast Mataev did not admit his guilt either during the investigation or during the trial: according to his statements, the contract was fully executed, and no one appropriated 30 million rubles.

As a result, the court agreed with the accusation and sentenced the ex-director of the Murom enterprise to 6 years in prison. After the verdict was announced, Mataev said that he did not agree with the verdict and would appeal against it.

Kommersant reminds that a criminal case has already been initiated against Erast Mataev: in 2015, his car drove into the pedestrian zone on the Moscow Arbat, a passer-by began to record this traffic violation on a mobile phone, Mataev, getting out of the car, pulled out the phone, smashed it on asphalt and hit the woman several times. But the criminal proceedings on beatings and deliberate destruction of property out of hooligan motives were then terminated due to the reconciliation of the parties.

@redacted6, 03/30/2021 06:55 PM: Not only the former deputy mayor “for medicine and social development”, but now the adviser turned out to be highly toxic Sergei Sobyaninpseudo-doctor of science Leonid Pechatnikov, but also his closest assistants. Erast Mataev, a native of Makhachkala, a well-known figure in the Chabad-Lubavitch community in Moscow, Pechatnikov’s right hand “on social issues”, and later the director of the Mosmedkomplekt company, which received a billion-dollar flow of government orders, again caused a serious accident.

Mataev’s solution to “social issues” under the vice-mayor of the capital included overseeing the “cheating” of the results of high-profile polls and voting on the Active Citizen portal, which was well remembered by Muscovites. Mosmedkomplekt (and its network of affiliated firms), which operated hundreds of millions of rubles worth of city orders, was liquidated in 2017, when another public corruption scandal began.

In 2016, Mataev beat a girl who dared to film on her phone how the chic BMW-7 of this high-ranking official rides along the pedestrian zone of the Old Arbat in Moscow. For this story, only the driver Erast Iosifovich Artem Ermakov was lightly punished, who, as it turned out, did not have a license. Mataev the philosopher even published the book “Catch a goldfish”, where he scourged various vices of society. Especially got “militant poverty.” Since then, Erast Mataev has changed several cars, but has not yet acquired a driving culture. Today, in his Bentley, he was driving at a very high speed along the Kyiv highway and drove into a truck. The ex-official is hospitalized. Luckily, no one was hurt at this point, except for him. — Inset

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