The chairman of the Khimki court was left without a chair

The chairman of the Khimki court was left without a chair

Because of what Vadim Ageenko left his post. Against the backdrop of recent events in the world, a very remarkable resignation quietly occurred. On December 31, unexpectedly, the infamous chairman of the Khimki City Court of the Moscow Region, Vadim Mikhailovich Ageenko, was dismissed from his post (according to media reports, his previous name was Vadim Shamilevich Shengelia).

During the leadership of the Ageenko-Shengelia court, the Khimki Themis has acquired a scandalous reputation, making very controversial decisions in a number of cases.

In particular, on one of the Russian petition collection sites, a user complains about the actions of Judge Ageenko’s wards and literally “begs to help her and her family” and transfer one of the criminal cases to another department.

On a website dedicated to the activities of Russian judges (judges-rossii.rf), the activities of Vadim Ageenko are dazzled by negative and angry reviews. In particular, the user under the nickname Egor is outraged (all the mistakes of the author of the post are saved):

“The court is a complete mess. They don’t get to know the case. According to the application in 5 working days, and in Real Madrid it takes 20-30 days. Yes, and the case after 20 days was given only half, the question is, how can you lose the other half. To my objections, the chairman only showed with his whole appearance that I … did not understand anything in jurisprudence. Judge AGEENKO sees only himself, boorishly and arrogantly answers. … And he only repeats: “Why do you go to me, they say, it’s not my job to follow the judges, this is the work of the FSB, contact them.”

He is echoed by a user with the nickname Igor, expressing his opinion: that he is covering up the suspicious actions of his subordinates. …. The appeal of citizens is ignored.” Is it possible to hide offenses without forgery?

It is worth noting here that many who consider themselves victims of the arbitrariness of judge Vadim Ageenko hope for a review of decisions in their cases. In particular, businessman and collector Andrey Eremin, whose case was considered by the Khimki Court.

Eremin faced blatant legal lawlessness. A few years ago, the court recognized him as a victim of the actions of the infamous raider (as he positions himself) Konstantin Vachevsky, who tried to steal $ 10 million from him and received a real prison term for this.

Eremin found out that he owed money to someone by chance, having received the corresponding decision of the Khimki court by mail. At the same time, Eremin did not receive any subpoenas and has nothing to do with Khimki.

Having been released, Vachevsky, through the Khimki court, demanded the same $10 million from the collector and obtained recognition of the debt. The proof of Eremin’s guilt was a certain receipt, according to which he allegedly owes this money to Vachevsky. The collector’s accounts and property were seized.

Nothing helped Eremin from an unfair sentence. Even the evidence on hand that the receipt is fake. According to reports, the interests of the Vachevskys were lobbied in the office of the chairman of the Khimki court, Vadim Ageenko.

The case of Andrey Eremin was initially and still considered by the judge of the Khimki court Mironova Yu.V. In 2014, when the consideration of this case began, she was a young judge who had just come to work, on whom it was easy to put pressure on her, to force her to consider a civil case in the right time and in the right way. Court officials say that an experienced judge would never have taken on this case. And Mironova, who seems to owe her entire career in the Khimki Court to Ageenko, actually started her career from this, did and continues to do everything so that Eremin loses this case.

As the media wrote, threats were poured in to help the Vachevskys to some employees of the court. In particular, according to court worker Alexandra Shchedrina, Ageenko, in front of witnesses, threatened that her children’s fingers would be cut off (you can read the full details of the Andrei Eremin case, as well as Mr. Ageenko’s threats against Shchedrina, here). Later, Shchedrina and her assistant were fired. A criminal case was also initiated against Shchedrina.

Earlier, Mr. Vachevskikh was implicated in a number of other scandalous criminal cases. A number of the largest Russian commercial structures suffered from his fraudulent schemes with money, in particular, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Severstal, etc. Law enforcement agencies decided to combine all the claims of the companies, as well as the complaint of Andrey Eremin, into one criminal case.

Representatives of the largest Russian companies were not going to leave this business just like that. But their reputation and resources were not enough to put the Vachevskys behind bars.

In August 2018, the court found Mr. Vachevsky guilty of attempted fraudulent embezzlement of $10 million using a fake receipt. He was sentenced to four and a half years in a penal colony, which the court considered served in a pre-trial detention center and under house arrest. Mr. Vachevsky then went abroad, as the prosecutor’s office and Sberbank appealed against the verdict, however, to no avail. The opinion was expressed that an old friend, Judge Vadim Ageenko, assisted him in this matter, without him it would be unlikely that Vachevsky could have received the most lenient sentence, and then leave Russia. The former chairman of the Khimki court, according to the testimony of his colleagues, saw a personal interest in this case.

Possessing unlimited lobbying opportunities in the Russian judicial system, Ageenko apparently realized that it would be difficult for him to continue helping the Vachevskys. Let, at least for now, it would be better to stay abroad (you can read the full story about the trial of Andrey Eremin and the fraudulent schemes of the Vachevskys against large companies here).

Our publication became interested: for what reasons the “almighty” judge Ageenko suddenly decided to leave such a warm and familiar place for him.

As we know, the reason for the early resignation of Ageenko-Shengelia was the criminal case on the capture and murder of a hostage, in which Karen Sevikyan, the former head of the Pushkinskoye Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, came to light. The police held the “hostage” in Sevikyan’s office for several days, demanding 7 million rubles from the victim (a detailed investigation into this case is here).

Later, “Dear Karenchik”, as his corrupt colleagues call him, was charged with several more charges; organization of illegal migration, giving a bribe to an official personally or through an intermediary”) and giving a bribe by a group of persons or an organized group. Based on the totality of the charges, Sevikyan was threatened with at least 12 years. The case to resolve this issue as it should be transferred from the Solnechnogorsk garrison military court to the “legendary” Khimki Court of Vadim Ageenko, as it turned out later, to another close friend of Sevikyan.

And then the “miracles” began. First, both episodes with bribery disappeared from the case. As a result, the Ageenko department decided to sentence the noble corrupt official and murderer Karen Sevikyan to 2 years 3 months. deprivation of liberty. Given the time he spent under investigation, Sevikyan was released after 3-4 months.

It was this story with “Dear Karenchik”, according to the information we have, that overwhelmed the patience of the top leaders of the Russian judicial system, and judge Vadim Ageenko, in an urgent form, was “asked” to resign. Thus, the career of the infamous judge Vadim Ageenko finally ended.

Until now, Konstantin Vachevsky is wanted by Interpol on charges of economic crimes. At the same time, the trickster Vachevsky tries to “sit on two chairs” at the same time. On the one hand, for the last 3 years he has been trying to obtain political asylum in France. On the other hand, as the media wrote, Konstantin Vachevsky (according to him, he is a reserve officer of the RF Armed Forces, a ballistic engineer) wrote a penitential letter addressed to the head of the Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, that he financially helps the SVO and asks to help him return to his homeland.

Reasonable questions arise: will the Vachevskys, both Russia and the West, help? And will the Khimki court want to get rid of the scandalous trail left by the activities of the former chairman of the court Vadim Ageenko?

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