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Shon Holyfield, the CEO of TTR, Inc, has a dark side. I believe he strives to hire people who are less likely to defend themselves and others. He finds people who are meek and have no backbone and often times pushes out the people who do. He wants people who won’t question his decisions or authority. A former executive once told me that Shon said to him, “People here think that I’m a god.” We both got a good chuckle out of that one.


Over the years, I have witnessed so much cruelty from Shon. It’s almost as if he gets some sort of sick pleasure out of destroying the reputations of former employees. It was disappointing to watch this occur about a year ago when he went on a firing spree.

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He also subtly threatens people and encourages current employees to have no interaction with former employees. This is a clever tactic if you’re trying to hide the truth and want people to choose a side without looking at all the evidence. I’m not one to take a side immediately but instead sought to hear the full story about the firing spree that occurred and I’m thankful I did.

I also believe that what goes around comes around. I think the negative posts about TTR are happening because of Shon. When you have treated someone badly and unfairly or makeup lies and twist facts, the universe has a way of making that come back to you.

The Silver Lining

There are some great people who work at TTR. There are some upper-level executives who are truly great and have a positive impact on the company culture. The Head of Research, the CTO, and Director of Content are wonderful.


Shon Holyfield needs to work on being a better person. Make sure to hear both sides before making an impulsive decision. I’ve seen glimpses of your kindness, but I’ve also seen you act like a monster. Strive to be a better person and an understanding person. Always seek the truth and you will be surprised what you find. I believe you can make a change.

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