Schulman Bhattacharya LLC’s Owners Stole $1.5 Million from Somalia

About Schulman Bhattacharya LLC

Schulman Bhattacharya LLC is a private organization. Presently, the company’s primary focus is on offering legal services. Its headquarters are in Bethesda, Maryland, which is a city in this country. Schulman Bhattacharya LLC anticipates earning $1 million annually.


Overall, the company received $150K in investment. One of the most valued law firms in the country is Schulman Bhattacharya. An American lawyer named Jeremy Schulman founded and currently serves as the managing partner of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC. In addition, Schulman leads the firm’s Litigation and Arbitration Group.

schulman bhattacharya llc
The shady owner of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC

Born: 22 January 1973 (age 50 years)

Education: Cornell University, at Buffalo

Nationality: America

Citizenship: United States

Occupation: Attorney

Organization: Schulman Bhattacharya, LLC

Position: Managing Partner and Founder of Schulman Bhattacharya, LLC

About Jeremy Schulman

Schulman was born in Rochester, New York, in 1973. After finishing high school, he studied at Cornell University and completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and government there.

Schulman participated in the Quill and Dagger society and the WVBR when he was there. He enrolled in the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law in 1990 and received his Magna Cum Laude diploma in 1994. He also worked there as the Buffalo Law Review’s articles editor. In 1995, Schulman began working as an intern for the Indiana Public Defender’s Office.

After a year, he worked as a legal clerk for Judge John Steadman in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Schulman joined LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae LLP’s law firm in 1998, where he started his  private practice as a business litigator. Following that, Schulman entered Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP’s legal team in 2003, where he worked for three years.

He also joined Schulman Rogers in 2005 after serving as a shareholder there for a decade. In 2017, Schulman co-founded the commercial litigation law firm Schulman Bhattacharya LLC, where he now serves as managing partner. In 2020, Super Lawyers praised the business he runs for its specialized litigation services.

Schulman Bhattacharya LLC’s Owner Scammed the Government of Somalia

Jeremy W. Schulman, of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC started his effort to recover millions of cash from accounts seized during Somalia’s years of political unrest more than ten years ago. Since the authorities accused Schulman of scamming the people he claimed to be helping, Schulman is now facing the risk of serving decades in prison. According to the prosecution, Schulman, who was charged just last week on federal fraud charges, used his contacts with the Somali administration and his fictitious representation of the war-torn nation’s interests to profit himself.

According to Schulman Bhattacharya LLC’s attorneys, the Justice Department is mistaken, and he was a dependable advisor and supporter of the Somali people. In his first court appearance on Monday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Gina L. Simms, Schulman, 47, entered a not-guilty plea on behalf of his client. Because of the pandemic, the hearing was conducted in U.S. District Court in Maryland through videoconference.

Paul W. Butler, an attorney for Schulman’s legal team, stated in a statement that he firmly believes the Department of Justice. It failed in its duty to conduct a comprehensive investigation and find all relevant evidence because it was uninformed and acted irresponsibly.

They were sure that if given the chance to present his side of the tale, Mr. Schulman (of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC) would be declared innocent of any wrongdoing, or indeed fraud.

In contrast, the prosecution provides evidence of fake paperwork, false statements, and a five-year plot to seize $12.5 million. Prosecutors claim Schulman faked letters to give to banks and other financial institutions since he lacked the authority to act on behalf of the East African nation.

The Central Bank of Somalia asked banks worldwide to freeze government financial assets when the Somali Democratic Republic fell apart in the early 1990s amid a civil conflict to stop withdrawals until a stable government took control again. The Office of the New York State Comptroller now has responsibility over a few accounts. Moreover, gold and Somalian money were held by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

An anonymous former Central Bank leader, Schulman of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC, and that person’s relative, Abdiaziz Hassan Amalo of Maryland, among others, are accused of conspiring in the 11-count allegation that a federal grand jury in Maryland issued last week. Prosecutors allege that Schulman overstated the former bank official’s position and authority and placed “deceptive or false information” into paperwork to acquire access to the assets after the official had been hired as an adviser to the interim Somali government in 2009.

The 31-page allegation claims that Schulman of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC got more than $880,000 personally at the end of 2013 as a result of the alleged conspiracy, an increase of more than $400,000 from his salary the year before.

Prosecutors claim that Schulman and Amalo attempted to obtain money from a bank that had more than $1.5 million in assets by forging a letter claiming to be from the attorney general of the Republic of Somalia in one instance. The prosecution claims that after numerous modifications, Schulman praised Amalo for his “excellent work” and sent the fake letter to the bank through email in August 2010. By the allegation, Amalo wrote to Schulman, that he is delighted that we got the time correct.

“Make the Stroke of luck happen right now, LOL, on those banks.”

Excerpt from the chat between Amalo and Schulman of Schulman Bhattacharya LLC

In 2017, Amalo was detained and accused of financial crimes and making false claims. His lawsuit is still pending, and his attorney declined to comment. The release of the assets was subject to the U.S. State Department’s official confirmation as of June 2013, per a condition made forth by one of the banks and the New York Comptroller.

According to Schulman’s attorney, he was authorized to act on behalf of the Somali government, and his actions were “completely transparent”. His team toiled “tirelessly to assist a nation severely in need of financial resources to support the government’s recovery after approximately two decades of civil war,” Schulman’s attorney said in the statement.

However, the accusation claims that a State Department lawyer made it clear in messages to Schulman that its certification prohibited Somalia’s president to assign his authority to receive the funds to any third party, including Schulman, and that any correspondence had to actually come from the president.

The accusation claims that despite this, Schulman kept in touch with the New York comptroller regarding the release of the assets without revealing the directives he had received from the State Department.

Schulman was a lawyer for the Shulman Rogers law firm at the time of the alleged conspiracy. The company stated in a statement on Monday that it has had no connection to Schulman since his departure in 2016 and that it is working with the Justice Department.

According to Schulman Bhattacharya LLC, neither the inquiry nor the indictment involved the company. The claimed actions allegedly took place without the firm’s knowledge, according to the indictment. In fact, the indictment makes it apparent when the firm is identified (Legal Firm A) that Schulman Bhattacharya LLC was misled by Mr. Schulman and that Mr. Schulman hid his alleged activities from the firm, according to the statement.

Schulman is the chairman of the company’s commercial litigation and arbitration practice and a founding partner of the Bethesda-based law firm Schulman Bhattacharya. Schulman boasts his Somalia-related work on the firm’s website, emphasizing his representation of the government on subjects including an examination of financial corruption claims stated by the United Nations Monitoring Group for Somalia and Eritrea.

He had prior employment with companies in New York and Washington. Schulman started his legal career as a clerk for Judge John M. Steadman of the D.C. Court of Appeals after graduating from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law. Moreover, Schulman is mentioned as a past trustee and member of the Round House Theatre in Bethesda’s honorary council. In order to avoid placing domestic travel limits, Schulman’s lawyer urged the judge to schedule a three-week jury trial.

Schulman Bhattacharya LLC has “many ties to the community, substantial funds, and a thriving, active legal business,” Butler added. “Although he deals with this issue, he needs to continue with his extremely successful job.”

Schulman Bhattacharya LLC is clearly a dangerous firm with crooked leadership. Beware of such dangerous and corrupt organizations.

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