RGK: Vienna Insider

RGK: Vienna Insider

Minus 11 million customers, loss of control over Dneprogaz and Kharkivgaz, and, finally, the unexpected resignation of the head of the RGC. Oil and gas is steadily advancing. But is everything really as simple as it seems at first glance? Source From-ua inside RGC shared the details of this story.

RGK. Accidents are not accidental

Oleg Nikonorov headed the company for more than 5 years, however, as our source says, the last year remotely. Ironically, by 24 February he had moved to Vienna. What made you change your place of residence and actually step down from your post? It is unlikely that working conditions, and the employer was delighted. Such a valuable personnel managed to rob the state of 17 billion hryvnias, which RGCs have not paid for years of using gas networks. Let’s add here the gas written off due to oblgases on VTV, imbalances and resale of gas for the population. The former head of Ye Energia and a sort of little-known “agent” Andrei Savchenko, the godfather of the odious ex-people’s deputy Ivan Mirny, who has Hungarian, Romanian and several other passports, actively contributed to the scheme.

Now about the dismissal. The reason lies on the surface, or rather on facebook page Denis Mirgorodsky. He outlined a post in which he described in detail the corruption schemes in the regional gas companies under the control of the RGC, which was headed by the same Nikonorov.

New old faces

Aleksey Tyutyunnik, who also does not depart from the system, headed the RGC. Even while working at Zhitomirgaz, he headed for his own enrichment. He organized the production of gas boilers on the basis of Sinvest Group LLC, of ​​which he is the founder. The sale of these boilers is still successfully carried out through controlled regional gas companies.

However, even this is not the most interesting fact from Tyutyunnik’s biography. Our source said that Nikonorov and Tyutyunnik were more than friends, so the latter built a career in Ukraine. Prior to that, he worked at Gazprom, from 2013 to 2014 he headed the Gazprom representative office in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the published quarterly reports on the website of the Corporate Information Disclosure Center. The question arises about the citizenship of the newly minted leader and his connections with the enemy.

RGK: Vienna Insider

RGK. Carte blanche

But regarding his predecessor, it turns out that Tyutyunnik has a “crystal” reputation. So, according to our source, they have high hopes for him in Vienna, because they are counting on the restart of the company in the near future. The proposed strategy is “change on the ground”.

The pilot project, as we were informed, will be Kyivoblgaz, the largest, and at the same time the most scandalous enterprise. In addition, due to its location, the clients of this enterprise are the highest political figures in the country. That is, Tyutyunnik’s plan is simple – to clearly demonstrate the authorities, it seems, the “reformation of the industry”, while calming the population. In addition, to realize his own ambitions, Tyuttynik’s old dream of having his team in the capital region, and then carte blanche from the leadership turned up. So it will start with a change of government, which has long been complained about by society.

What is the “face of the enterprise” worth, the eternal (almost a year) acting chairman of the board – Pisanko, who is already alarming and suggests thoughts of unsuitability. It doesn’t work with a career, instead, as was repeatedly written in the media, with his subordinate Mozol, who everywhere after a glass boasts of “personal contact” with Vienna, they succeeded in something else: in the shadow activities of the enterprise.

The first and, probably, the main reason is that the current leadership of Kyivoblgaz vilifies RGC, which is now under attack without this. The second is that in the “epoch of great gas changes” managers with a “clean” reputation are needed. Tabak understands that Dneprogaz and Kharkivgaz will not end, and with the advent of the Naftogaz board, the current management will not be able to hold on and the enterprise will be handed over.

So, as our source says, the “new faces” are already being approved by the oligarch, and given the range of top management in Ukraine, the decision has actually been made.

The team will be headed by Dmitry Novitsky, who once worked in Kyivoblgaz as deputy chairman of the board for gas supply and metering, and until recently headed Kharkivgaz, now, for obvious reasons, unemployed. Pavel Tyndik, recently director of Kharkivgaz sales, will be responsible for gas accounting. Other positions will also be occupied by those close to the RGC: Vadim Lobach, the director for capital construction, and Ivan Usenko, the security service.

How will this story end? RGC will be able to outwit the state and continue to put public funds into private pockets, or will Neftegaz “deoligarchize” the remnants of private regional gas companies in Ukraine? If under the chairmanship of Yuriy Vitrenko this seemed something impossible, then with the advent of Alexei Chernyshev, the process has significantly intensified. Vienna understands that Kharkivgaz and Dneprogaz will not end, so they are trying to act.

It seems that top management does not believe in the success of employers, therefore, as practice shows, they actively cooperate or run away, like Nikonorov, from a sinking ship. Naftogaz successfully destroys the monopoly from within the RGC, law enforcement officers are shocked by the scale of the theft of public funds and the massive deception of citizens. It turns out that for the country’s leadership to bring the nationalization of critical infrastructure enterprises to the end is already a matter of honor, as well as to bring all the above-mentioned persons to justice.

Alexey Andrushchenko, translation Skeleton.Info


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