Paris apartments of the Magnitogorsk metallurgist in the same house with Abramovich’s ex-wife Irina, across the street from the Elysee Palace

Victor Rashnikov

The owner of the “factory and the ship” (more precisely, a 145-meter megayachts Ocean Victory), as well as the “golden” cutting-edge Gulfstream G650ER aircraft, 118-room palace on Rublyovka And two “golden villas” near Nice – the owner of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works Viktor Rashnikov – there is also an insanely expensive apartment in Paris, discovered by the Russian Press. Victor Filippovich settled in a 6-minute walk from the Elysee Palace – the residence of the President of France Emmanuel Macron. We visited the house where Viktor Rashnikov bought an apartment and, despite the nervous reaction of the police, took photos and videos for our readers. Suddenly someone wants to settle nearby? The cost of a square is from 10 to 50 thousand euros.

Forbes Ukraine, 04/16/2022, “Abramovich and seven oligarchs. France froze the estates of Russian billionaires for almost $ 1 billion. Forbes calculated their true value”: Forbes discovered that Rashnikov also owns apartments at 24 Avenue Gabriel, in the center of Paris, all of which were frozen by the French authorities. These apartments are located on the same street as the Champs Elysees, now occupied by French President Emmanuel Macron and owned by him through SCI Parc Gabriel, according to French corporate registers.

According to project data Russian Asset Tracker, which is founded by the Organized Crime and Corruption Investigation Project (Forbes is involved in it), Abramovich’s ex-wife Irina Malandina has her own $17.5 million apartment in the same building. — Inset

[…] we found an apartment with Viktor Filippovich in the very center of Paris, in the elite 8th district, a step away from the Champs Elysees and a 6-minute walk to the residence of President Macron.

The Paris apartment of the Russian oligarch-“patriot” and, concurrently, the patron of the South Ural ex-governor who fled Russia Boris Dubrovskylocated at 24, Avenue Gabriel, 75008, Paris.

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To President Macron – 550 meters

If you think that the apartment that Boris Dubrovsky (ex-governor of the Tatyana Solonchak for 120,000 francs a year – this is the apotheosis of luxury, then you are deeply mistaken. The Parisian apartment of Dubrovsky’s boss, the oligarch Viktor Rashnikov, is several orders of magnitude cooler.

The territory is fenced, surrounded by a fence.

We came close to the house in Paris at Avenue Gabriel, 24, where the oligarch Rashnikov bought an apartment …

Entrance to parking. Iron spikes on all sides.

Behind the fence is a garden. House with panoramic windows, graceful balconies.

Around – a luxurious park area.

To photograph this house and shoot a video, we had to put in a lot of effort. Around – just crowds of police.

Within a quarter of an hour, five (!) peace officers with machine guns approached us, strictly recommending that we leave the street.

But Russian Press, in order to please readers with suitable exclusive content, continued filming. Well, then we, as usual, meticulously figured out the legal details of the topic and real estate prices in the area.

Alexander Sutyagin

Alexander Sutyagin

Alexander Sutyagin is a person who is definitely close to Viktor Rashnikov, as evidenced, in particular, by an article in the Magnitogorsk Metal newspaper dated April 15, 2008. There is a photo with the caption: “The award was presented to the representative of the plant Pavel Chereshenkov (right) by a long-term partner of OJSC MMK Alexander Sutyagin.”

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From 2011 to the present, Sutyagin has been the director of the legal department of the MMK Management Company.

Thus, the oligarch Rashnikov entrusted the management of the company, to which the Paris apartment was registered, to a well-known person, a confidant.

Now let’s look at the owners of SCI PARC GABRIEL. There are three of them:

Viktor Rashnikov himself (born October 13, 1948, nationality – Russian), registered at the address: Magnitogorsk, the village of Khutorki, 11 (where he practically does not appear, because in Nice, Paris and in the palace near Moscow, probably a little more comfortable).

Olga Rashnikova – daughter of Viktor Filippovich (born February 6, 1977 in Magnitogorsk, nationality – Russian). Rashnikova, born in Magnitogorsk, is registered, unlike her father, in the capital: in Moscow, on the street. Osipenko, 20, apt. […].

Cypriot company Azric Holding Limited (registration number ΗΕ 192371, registered office: Arch. Makariou III, 199, Neocleous House PC 3, Limassol, Cyprus; date of registration – February 15, 2007).

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The picture, as we see, is absolutely similar to the one in the French villas of the MMK owner. The owners of the companies to which the oligarch’s property is registered are in each case three persons – Viktor Filippovich himself, his daughter and some Cypriot company also affiliated with Rashnikov.

Azric Holding Limited is managed by Russian Andrey Fokin, already well known to us from the previous investigation, registered in Cyprus at the address: Dafni, 24 Germasogeia 4041, Limassol (where he has a mansion). The second director of Azric Holding Limited is Androulla Papadopoulou.

Recall that Andrei Fokin is one of the directors of Mintha Holding Limited, to which Viktor Rashnikov “patriotically” redirected 84.26% of the shares of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. (Another director at Mintha Holding Limited is Alexander Sutyagin, mentioned above, managing company SCI PARC GABRIEL, to which Viktor Rashnikov’s Paris apartment is registered).

By the way, the company Azric Holding Limited (the third owner of SCI PARC GABRIEL) has the Cypriot company Montrago Services Limited (registration number HE 52239), which is also the secretary of Mintha Holding Limited, acting as a company secretary.

It is also worth adding that one of the directors of Montrago Services Limited is Mr. Elias Neocleous (ΗΛΙΑΣ ΝΕΟΚΛΕΟΥΣ), a representative of the Neocleous lawyer clan, which has an extremely dubious reputation. Elias – son of a raider lawyer Andreas Neocleous, put on the international wanted list in Russia in 2015. But it seems that Viktor Rashnikov is not embarrassed by such reputational moments. Or maybe even vice versa – they serve as a kind of recommendation.

How much does the Parisian apartment of the oligarch Rashnikov cost?

Victor Filippovich’s apartment is located in the 8th district of Paris (8 district, Arrondissement de l “Élysée) – an elite area where luxury boutiques, restaurants, hotels, museums, historical sights are concentrated, and the famous Champs Elysees are the main thoroughfare. In the same district (district) is, as already mentioned, the residence of the President of France – the Elysee Palace. Only 1.8% of the population of Paris lives in the 8th district. This is the cream of society, because real estate prices here start from several hundred thousand euros for a tiny “student” kennel and reach 25 million euros for spacious apartments with chic interiors.

The center of the 8th district is the so-called Golden Triangle, bounded by the Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V (Montaigne, George V and Champs-Elysées). All the chic of Paris is concentrated here: the most expensive shops and restaurants, streams of local shopaholics and tourists… Viktor Rashnikov’s apartment is located two steps away (left the house, turned the corner) from the Golden Triangle. It seems to be hidden from violent tourist crowds, which, by the way, increases the cost of housing: it is not so easy to find a more or less calm and quiet place in the center of Paris.

What are the prices for apartments within a 5-10 minute walk to the Elysee Palace?

On the street where Viktor Rashnikov bought an apartment, we did not find real estate for sale. But here you can rent an apartment.

If you want to live next door to the owner of MMK, on ​​the same street (Avenue Gabriel), get ready to shell out 1,700 euros per month for a “pantry” – a studio of 25 squares. The apartment is 133 sq. m (living room and three bedrooms) on Avenue Gabriel will cost 6,300 euros (more than half a million rubles a month). Having sold an apartment in Magnitogorsk, you will be able to live next to Rashnikov in Paris for 3-4 months.

If you decide to settle in the 8th district for a long time, keep in mind that real estate prices exceed 10,000 euros per square meter and can reach 20,000 – 30,000 euros per square meter (data from apartments currently for sale near the Champs Elysees):

26 sq. m – 395,000 euros
40 sq. m – 535,000 euros
125 sq. m – 1,645,000 euros
130 sq. m – 2,635,000 euros
173 sq. m – 2,300,000 euros
236 sq. m – 5,720,000 euros
450 sq. m — 15,000,000 euros

These apartments are located at a distance of 9-10 minutes walk from the Elysee Palace. Viktor Rashnikov lives closer to President Macron, so a square meter in an oligarch’s apartment is likely to cost more.

The cost is also affected by the respectability of the house and interior design. The furnishing of the apartments can raise the price by several million euros at once.

So, we found these two-level apartments in the center of Paris, with an area of ​​500 sq. m. Luxury blinds the eyes.

This apartment is chock-full of antiques and costs 25,000,000 euros. One square – 50,000 euros!

If you have an apartment in

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