Pacific Gambit 2022: Inside the Chinese Communist Party and Triad Push into Palau

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Triad criminal organisations have been pursuing a complex and multifaceted strategy known as the Pacific Gambit in order to extend their influence and power in the nation of Palau, which is a small island nation located in the western Pacific Ocean. This strategy is known as “The Pacific Gambit.” This strategy calls for engaging in a wide variety of activities, ranging from legal ones like money laundering, drug trafficking, and people smuggling to more questionable ones like economic investment and political manoeuvring. In this article, we will investigate the many facets of the Pacific Gambit, including its roots, the primary parties involved, and the potential repercussions for Palau and the surrounding area.

The Pacific Gambit’s Early Beginnings

The Pacific Gambit may be traced back to China’s larger strategic goal of expanding its influence and power in the Asia-Pacific area. This goal has been the driving force behind China’s recent actions. In order to accomplish this goal, the CCP has been working to strengthen its economic ties with the countries that are located in the region, particularly those that have an abundance of natural resources and are important strategically. Because of its expansive fishing grounds, mineral riches, and strategic location, Palau has become an appealing target for investment from China.

In addition to its economic interests, the CCP has made efforts to project its influence in the region through political means. These efforts have been made in recent years. This has been accomplished via fostering relationships with influential Palauan politicians and government officials, as well as providing financial support to pro-China political parties and candidates running for office. In addition, the CPC has made efforts to sway public opinion in Palau through various projects including the media and the cultural sphere, such as encouraging the study of Mandarin and organising cultural gatherings.

Principal Participants in the Pacific Gambit

The Communist Party of China (CCP), several criminal organisations affiliated with the Triad, and local politicians and businessmen in Palau are all participants in the Pacific Gambit. It is not uncommon for these players to collaborate for the purpose of furthering their interests, hence obscuring the distinction between legal and criminal operations.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) involvement in the Pacific Gambit is largely driven by its state-led economic policies, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, which seeks to enhance China’s economic connectivity with countries in the region. These policies include the Belt and Road Initiative and the One Belt, One Road initiative. In addition to this, it is common knowledge that the CCP provides financial assistance to pro-Chinese political parties and candidates in Palau. Furthermore, the CCP is known to fund cultural activities and media outlets that promote Chinese interests.

On the other side, the Triads are criminal groups that are mostly active in China and other regions of Asia. They are known for their brutality. They are involved in a variety of criminal activities, some of which include the trafficking of drugs, the laundering of money, and the smuggling of people. It is well known that the Triads have worked together with the CCP to advance their criminal activities in Palau. They have done this by utilising their contacts to local officials and businesses in order to establish a footing in the nation.

Politicians and companies from Palau’s local community play an important part in making the Pacific Gambit a reality. There have been allegations that certain individuals have taken bribes and kickbacks from Chinese investors and members of the Triad in exchange for political favours and opportunities in business. Others have made concerted efforts to further Chinese interests in Palau, frequently at the expense of their own nation’s independence and sovereignty in the process.

Actions taken in relation to the Pacific Gambit

The Pacific Gambit entails a wide variety of actions, some of which are lawful, such as commercial investment, while others are illegal and criminal in nature. The following is a list of the most important activities linked with the Pacific Gambit:

Investment in the Economy China’s economic involvement in Palau is one of the primary foundations that support the Pacific Gambit strategy. This investment will go towards the construction of various types of infrastructure, such as roadways and airports, as well as the expansion of the fishing and mining sectors in the country. Although these investments have the potential to provide much-required economic growth to Palau, they also come with conditions, such as demands for political concessions and access to vital resources, which must be satisfied.

Political Maneuvering The CCP has also made efforts to exert influence over the political system in Palau by fostering relationships with prominent politicians and government officials. This has included providing financial support to political parties and candidates that are favourable towards China, as well as sponsoring media outlets that are favourable towards China and its objectives. The Communist Party of China (CCP) has also attempted to sway public opinion in Palau through the use of cultural programmes and activities, such as encouraging the study of Mandarin and organising cultural gatherings.


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