NABU took on Pivovarsky, Vaskov is next

NABU took on Pivovarsky, Vaskov is next

NABU took on Pivovarsky, Vaskov is next

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) asks the court to apply a preventive measure in the form of a bail of UAH 20 million to the former Minister of Infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky. Pivovarsky announced this on his Facebook page. NABU reported the suspicion to Pivovarsky on February 22, writes Kiev.Main.

According to investigators, in July 2015, the minister, together with First Deputy Volodymyr Shulmeister, ensured the adoption of an order that allowed private companies to collect ship dues in the Yuzhny seaport together with the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration” in the proportion of 50:50

According to the law, the collection of such a fee is the exclusive prerogative of a state enterprise as a user of the port water area owned by the state.

One of the beneficial owners of these private companies turned out to be businessman Aleksey Fedorichev, who was later informed of suspicion of corruption in the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine OJSC, put on the wanted list and sanctioned.

According to the results of the examination, only during 2017-2021, because of this order, the state lost more than $30 million. Recall that Pivovarsky served as Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine in 2014-2016. And his deputy was still the same well-known and infamous Yuri Vaskov. As Nikolai Melnik, an expert at the Leviathan Analytical Center, noted, Vaskov will still have to “sit down” along with his boss Pivovarsky. “In 2015, Yuri Vaskov became Deputy Minister of Maritime Transport, dragging two main “topics”: discounts from port dues and a towing cartel (about cartels – later The rules for charging port dues were regulated by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure N 316 and Vaskov, being in 2015 the beneficiary of all offshore accounts agencies Odemara interested in additional income.Further, the “Brotherly” TIS, which supports Poroshenko in 2019, gave the smart deputy minister an “exclusive monopoly” on the new Neptune terminal.Now, ex-minister Pivovarsky, and ex-head of the tariff commission Schulmeister, have made a deal with the investigation and testify on everyone who was in the subject). Now it will become even more difficult for Kubrakov’s wallet for Yuri Vaskov to live in this world.

“Yura, I told you not to touch me) now you won’t leave, you’ll have to sitb,” Nikolai Melnik wrote on his page on the social network.


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