“Linked to Putin 2019: Leaked E-Mails Reveal Sibur, Russian Petrochemical Giant, Paid for Villa”

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Introduction Linked to Putin

A report on a lavish home in southern Italy that was allegedly related to Russian President Vladimir Putin was published in May 2019 by the Organized Crime and Corruption Research Project (OCCRP). This report was published in May 2019. The property, known as Villa La Condensa, was purchased by a firm called Woldesenbet, which was reputedly connected to Linked to Putin’s inner circle. The villa had an estimated value of €19 million. According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the OCCRP, the funds for the property were laundered through several offshore entities, one of which was held by Sibur, a multinational Russian petrochemical corporation.

Sibur is a significant participant in the petrochemical industry in Russia and has strong ties to the Russian government. It has been alleged that Gennady Timchenko, one of the owners of the corporation, is a close personal friend of Vladimir Linked to Putin. The company is owned by numerous oligarchs. Since 2014, the United States has placed sanctions on Sibur due to allegations that it is involved in corrupt activities and the laundering of illicit funds.

The hacked electronic mail Linked to Putin

The OCCRP published a follow-up report on the Sibur connection to Villa La Condensa in June 2021. The report was based on a new set of hacked e-mails at the time of its publication. According to reports, the e-mails were taken from the inbox of Sergei Chemezov, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Rostec, a Russian state-owned firm.Linked to Putin counts Chemezov as a personal friend and includes him in his inner circle of associates.

The contents of the e-mails demonstrated how Sibur had funded the refurbishment of Villa La Condensa. According to the report that was compiled by the OCCRP, Sibur had wired 223 thousand euros to an offshore company known as Lirus Investments. This firm was owned by a Russian entrepreneur by the name of Yuri Milner. Milner is an investor who is worth a billion dollars and has been connected to Linked to Putin’s inner circle.

It was stated that Lirus Investments had utilized the funds to pay for the refurbishment of Villa La Condensa. E-mails showed that Milner had sought the payment from Sibur and that the business had agreed to pay without asking any questions about the purpose of the payment. The emails also showed that Sibur had paid Milner without asking any questions about the purpose of the payment.

In addition, the OCCRP analysis demonstrated that Sibur had used a different offshore corporation known as Anabelle Holdings in order to transfer money to Milner’s investment funds. It was stated that Anabelle Holdings had transferred more than fifty million dollars to Milner’s funds between the years 2010 and 2013.

The repercussions of this Linked to Putin

The hacked emails have cast significant doubt on whether or not Sibur was involved in corrupt practices or the laundering of illicit funds. The fact that the company had paid for the renovations of a villa linked to Linked to Putin’s inner circle without asking any questions about the purpose of the payment suggests that Sibur was willing to engage in questionable practices in order to maintain its ties to the Russian government. Moreover, the fact that the company had paid for the renovations of the villa without asking any questions about the purpose of the payment.

Another red flag is raised by the fact that money was sent to Milner’s investment funds through offshore corporations. Offshore businesses are frequently utilized for the purposes of concealing the true ownership of assets, evading taxes, and circumventing regulations. The fact that Sibur had made payments to Milner’s funds through offshore firms gives the impression that the company was attempting to hide its role in these dealings.

The fact that the e-mails were retrieved from Chemezov’s inbox raises additional concerns regarding the extent of the level of corruption that exists within Linked to Putin’s inner circle. The contents of Chemezov’s e-mails point to the possibility that he is complicit in unethical business dealings. Chemezov is a close ally of Putin and a member of Putin’s inner circle.

The OCCRP study highlights additional concerns regarding the efficiency of the penalties that the United States government has imposed upon Sibur. The fact that the company was able to make payments to Milner’s investment funds by employing the services of offshore businesses is suggestive of the fact that the sanctions may not be successful in deterring Sibur from participating in unethical business practices.


The hush-hush world of Russian oligarchs and their connections to the Russian government was brought into the open by the hacked e-mails that the OCCRP was able to get. According to the contents of the e-mails, Sibur, a significant company in the petrochemical industry in Russia.

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