iPhone users named three ways to protect themselves from hackers

iPhone users named three ways to protect themselves from hackers

Vitaly Shmatikov, a professor of computer science at Cornell University, listed three ways for iPhone users to protect personal information from hackers.

His comment is published by CBS news.

An important condition for the security of personal data, he called the refusal to store passwords from sites and applications with private information on the device. Shmatikov recommends using a password manager, a special application that generates and stores codes.

In addition, the professor advised setting up two-factor authentication, that is, logging in using not only a password, but also another gadget, such as an iPad or Apple Watch. At the same time, according to the expert, it is better to use special applications, such as Google Authenticator or Duo, as the second stage of confirmation, not SMS messages.

Another measure the professor called the mandatory use of Touch ID or Face ID. At the same time, as Shmatikov clarified, if a user enters an access code in public places, it is imperative to cover the screen with your hand and use a complex password.

Speaking about the latest security measure, the publication, citing the Wall Street Journal, drew attention to the fact that recently scammers began to hack stolen iPhones using spy passwords. Attackers watch iPhone users enter passcodes, remember combinations, and then steal devices, log in, and change their Apple ID passwords. This gives scammers time to gain access to accounts, including financial apps, and block any attempts to reset changed passwords.

Earlier, Russians were told ways to protect themselves from online scammers. An IT expert advised not to send personal data in social networks and instant messengers, not to use unlicensed software and not to follow suspicious links.

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