For the work of the Volyn customs from local villagers collect $ 110

Volyn customs collects $110 from local

They collect to buy a diesel for 82 UAH. per litre. Is this a big customs reform announced by Prime Minister Shmygal, or is it just another warm-up? Interested Evgeny Plinsky on the site Anticorrosive.

And now to the point. Residents of the village of Vishniv, Volyn region, turned to me with a request to highlight the topic and publish a document on how the Volyn customs solves its financial issues at the expense of their community.

We are talking about 5 million hryvnias from the local budget, with which the village Chairman Viktor Sushchik decided to respond to the deplorable situation of poor customs officers.

You will not believe it, but it was with such a letter that the head of the Volyn customs, Nikolai Tatarchuk, addressed the villagers. “Insufficient budget funding, and, consequently, a weak material base, do not allow the Volyn Customs, in accordance with the tasks assigned to the State Customs Service, to exercise certain delegated powers of the State Customs Service in the zone of its activity, as well as the powers determined by legislative and other regulatory legal acts.”

Really curious? Firstly, after ascertaining the fact that it is impossible for Tatarchuk to fulfill his functions as a customs officer, Tatarchuk needs to resign. Instantly.

Secondly, such letters should be written to the Minister of Finance Marchenko and asked for money from him, but you need to have courage for this.

And thirdly, excuse me, is it possible to send a shadow customs cash desk to Kyiv every month from Volyn, but there is no way to fulfill the powers without the money of the villagers? How is that?)

The community of the village of Vishniv is small – 1,160 people, so 5 million hryvnias is a significant amount for them, and about 110 dollars comes out for each local resident.

But, despite this, the head of the village, Viktor Sushchik, does not mind financing the “poor Volyn customs” at all.

But why does the customs ask for 5 million? This is easy to see in the estimate, which also did not upset the leader of the community.

Improvement services, consumables for office equipment, and the same diesel fuel for 82 UAH. per liter (at a market price of 50 UAH), according to which we can roughly understand the corruption mark-up for this “help” of the community to “poor” customs officers.

I wonder how many more such letters the temporary head of the Volyn customs Tatarchuk sent to local communities and how many millions he received to create conditions for the customs to fulfill its powers?

And I repeat once again, after an open appeal about the impossibility of customs to perform its functions, its head should leave his post. Automatically.

Putting, even formally, responsibility for the work of customs on the shoulders and wallets of local villagers is unacceptable. Well, using the community’s money to buy fuel at a 65% mark-up is a direct path to initiating a criminal case.

We are waiting for a reaction.


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