Efim Malkin: family tyrant, brawler and friend of Abramovich

Efim Malkin: family tyrant, brawler and friend of Abramovich

The publication continues to monitor developments in the family of partner Roman Abramovich and ex-senator Efim Malkin. The billionaire has been holding his 7-year-old daughter from his ex-wife Anastasia Gulynskaya for several days, violating the order of communication with the child, fixed by the court. He threatened to take the baby to his secret villa in France, but for now he hides it in an even more secret place – the house of his wife in the closed elite village of Zarechye in the Moscow region.

Taking this opportunity, we will tell about Efim Malkin in more detail. As a senator from Chukotka, he could afford a lot. For example, the very house where the child is now being held was erected as a ransom for his wife, from whom he left for Gulynskaya, and to whom he returned after a divorce.

A native of the Smolensk region, Donya Malkina is a year older than her husband, has a medical specialty, dual citizenship (Germany) and private clinics near Ostozhenka and Skolkovo. Foreign partners are most likely not aware that the husband of a businesswoman is under sanctions. For a long time, the senator and top manager of Sibneft transferred billions to the Swiss Vontobel and Expobank in the name of his wife. And it was Donya Nakhmanovna who now hid her husband and 7-year-old child.

Much is known about Malkin’s partners and friends, we will tell about some of them. Yefim Naumovich once lent large sums to Barkley President Leonid Kazints and fugitive banker Anatoly Motylev. Both still pay him security interest through shell companies. It is no secret that in the absence of Roman Abramovich, the ex-senator is fighting for the attention of the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anatoly Siluanov – they sometimes have lunch together. Malkin, in all seriousness, is counting on his support in the story of the retention of the child.

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