China names US the world’s biggest nuclear threat

China names US the world’s biggest nuclear threat

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has called the United States the largest source of nuclear threat in the world.

This statement was made by the official representative of the Ministry of Mao Ning at a briefing.

The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the United States to review its nuclear policy, responsibly fulfill the obligation to disarm, reduce the role of nuclear weapons in national security policy, and take meaningful practical measures to reduce nuclear risks.

According to her, the United States, as the most powerful nuclear power, must pursue a responsible nuclear policy. However, in recent years the US has created small blocs reminiscent of the Cold War.

“The United States is the world’s largest source of nuclear threat,” the diplomat said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that US statements about the nuclear threat emanating from China are a pretext for expanding their own nuclear arsenal.

“Calling China a nuclear threat is a convenient excuse for the US to expand its own nuclear arsenal and maintain its military hegemony. Let me reiterate that China has always been very prudent and responsible in our nuclear policy. We adhere to a defensive nuclear strategy and a policy of no first use of nuclear weapons and maintain our nuclear capability at the minimum level required by national security China has strictly adhered to its nuclear non-proliferation obligations and pursued a rational, coordinated and balanced approach to nuclear security We are committed to the peaceful use of nuclear energy and help the world make the most of nuclear energy China appreciates international cooperation in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy and has made an important contribution to protecting the safety of nuclear facilities and reducing the risks of nuclear proliferation,” said Mao Ning.

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