Business with Deminsky and connections with Klitschko: what is the “chief jeweler” of Kyiv Koenig hiding?

Business with Deminsky and connections with Klitschko: what is the “chief jeweler” of Kyiv Robert Koenig hiding?

A little-known businessman in America, Robert Koenig, owns a network of jewelry boutiques in Kyiv and entered the list of the richest Ukrainian expats: who is behind the success of the capital’s main jewelry dealer?

He owns more than a dozen jewelry boutiques in Kiev, provides Ukrainian “stars” and politicians with precious jewelry, and is the only official dealer in Ukraine of the world famous brands Tiffany, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels and others. American millionaire Robert Koenig broke into the top 100 Ukrainian rich according to Forbes and is an active participant in the social life of the capital. But who or what is behind the success of an entrepreneur? And what does the gambling business of the Klitschko family have to do with it?

Behind the scenes of the beautiful life of the capital’s beau monde looked journalist “Stopbark» Diana Lovskaya.

Tiffany, Montblanc, Alfred Dunhill, Roger Dubuis, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari – everyone has heard the names of these brands. Successful businessmen, celebrities, politicians, their wives and mistresses love to wear jewelry and watches from world famous manufacturers. Exquisite stores in the very center of Kyiv further emphasize the status of these brands.

As you might guess, the price tags there are considerable. For example, a Bulgari bracelet can be purchased for 10.5 thousand dollars, and the average cost of a Roger Dubuis watch is for 133 thousand “green”.

Robert Koenig. Or who owns expensive boutiques in the heart of the capital?

The official and sole representative of these jewelry companies in Ukraine is a businessman with an American passport – Robert Koenig. A few years ago, a well-known in narrow circles millionaire had 15 boutiques in the capital, which allowed him to get into the Ukrainian Forbes rating. He is ranked 8th among the country’s richest expats, and his fortune reaches hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jewelry boutique owner Robert Koenig

Jewelry boutique owner Robert Koenig

Mr. Koenig is an active participant in social events in Kyiv. Ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree by Tiffany, gala evening of the Bulgari jewelry house, children’s party at the Sanpaolo restaurant, watch presentations, film premieres – everywhere Robert is the sponsor or the main guest of the event.

Ekaterina Osadchaya, Yuri Gorbunov, Potap, Dmitry Gordon, Mikhail Radutsky, Vladimir Ostapchuk, Natalya Cherep, Dmitry Kuleba and many other celebrities are not only in Koenig’s circle of friends, but also, concurrently, are his clients. In addition, Koenig can often be seen at boxing matches.

After all, he is united by friendly and business relations with the Klitschko family.

In particular, the co-founder of one of the American firms LLC Quatro M spoke brother of the mayor of the capital – Wladimir Klitschko.

Moreover, very interesting papers fell into the hands of StopKor, namely, an agreement between Cleveland Family, Robert Koenig and Pavel Deminsky. “Clivla Family” is a company of Wladimir Klitschko, registered in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Its main activity is the organization of gambling. In particular, through child structures in Ukraine.

In turn, Pavel Deminsky is a long-term colleague of the chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Vitaliy Klitschko. They are united not only by joint ownership of a number of companies, but also by a status post: Deminsky from the very beginning of Klitschko Sr.’s cadence has been an adviser to the mayor of Kyiv. This freelance post saves and now.

“However, his influence is not determined by his position. According to DS News, Deminsky’s office is located opposite the office of the Kyiv mayor, not just on the same floor, but in the same room. The reception room is one for two, as is the secretary, ”notes Diana Lovskaya.

Pavel Deminsky is a longtime business partner of the Klitschko family.

In particular, it is he controls Black Sea Investment Group – Black Sea Investment Group.

As noted on the company’s website, Black Sea Investment Group has extensive experience in managing real estate for various purposes with an area of ​​​​more than 400 thousand square meters. m, and her experience in international financial markets amounts to several billion dollars. The company provides investment attraction and project management services.

Vitaliy Klichko

Vitaliy Klichko

Given the scale of such business connections, journalists are not at all surprised by the influence that Deminsky has in the Klitschko administration. Officially, Pavel Vasilyevich is a member of the staff for the elimination of the consequences of an emergency. But it would be more appropriate to say – any situation: according to the media, not a single document passes by his desk.

It is the “right hand” of Klitschko who decides which documents will get on the table of the mayor of Kyiv, and which ones will not. What questions to discard, what to move on, and what to “put on hold”. Before coming with any question to the mayor, the entire vertical of the KSCA, starting from his deputies, directors of departments and heads of utilities, first coordinates the issue in Deminsky’s office. If you get a “green light” there, then the mayor will give the go-ahead, as he makes decisions based on his recommendations.”, — say the insiders.

What relation do the structures of the mayor of Kyiv and the “gray eminence” Deminsky really have to the jewelry business of Mr. Koenig?

StopKor wanted to ask the “jewelry king” about this personally, knowing that he was in Ukraine, but he unexpectedly returned to the States. Is it a coincidence? Not yet known. And our editors continue to investigate and are already preparing the next material in the series, where they will tell even more interesting details from the life of a millionaire, as well as his clients.

Remember, journalists investigate the topic of cooperation between the owner of jewelry boutiques Koenig, the “right hand” of the mayor of Kyiv Deminsky and the Klitschko family company.


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