BEB continues to ignore the work of Brocard in Russia

BEB said that the criminal proceedings in the case of the Brocard chain of stores evading taxes in the amount of UAH 51 million have already been sent to court. And doing business in Russia is not, writes Argument.

About this in an interview with NV Business declared Head of the Economic Security Bureau Vadim Melnyk

They evaded paying taxes in the amount of UAH 51 million. We proved their guilt, now the criminal proceedings have already been sent to court”, he said. Adding that UAH 51 million is indicated. already in the budget, because the company “reimbursed this amount.”

These are jobs, these are taxes to the budget. Checked – yes, there is no financing of the terrorist country. But the assets are still under arrest, they cannot be alienated“, – insists the head of the BEB.

Melnyk also added that the company began to pay funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and “have already paid 10 million.” According to Melnyk, the company announced that it would transfer funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in certain amounts in stages. At the same time, he admitted that he does not know exactly where the company allegedly transfers funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In September 2022, a court seized the bank accounts and products of the perfume chain Brocard due to suspicions of tax evasion.

In early June, the Ukrainian Retailers Association reported that the French holding Philippe Benacin acquired 100% ownership in two leading Ukrainian companies operating in the cosmetics and perfumery sector: Brocard-Ukraine LLC and Egzagon LLC.

The message noted that the agreement was completed on May 23, 2022, about which the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine was informed.

Later it became known that the Antimonopoly Committee did not allow this agreement to be carried out.

Later it became known that the Podolsky District Court of Kyiv on May 18 arrested Brocard-Ukraine LLC for 100% of the corporate rights.

From verified information in the media, it is known that the BROCARD Group GmbH holding was founded in Germany in 1991 by David Tetruashvili.

In 2007, the founder sold the Brocard stores to the Alcor and Co holding of the Russian Maxim Klimov. This holding included the L’Etoile chain of stores. In Ukraine, at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Brocard had 100 outlets in 26 cities and was a chain of premium cosmetics and perfume stores.

Tatyana Volodina, a Russian citizen, was the ultimate beneficial owner of Brocard-Ukraine LLC. The founder is Cypriot Indenon Holdings Limited. Tatyana Volodina is the General Director of L’Etoile. She owns a small share of the statutory capital of Alkor and Co. together with Vladimir Semenda and Alexei Kokarev. The main shareholder of Alcor and Co is the Cypriot Letu Holdings Limited. Volodina is also a beneficiary of the Cypriot Nevioko Holdings Limited, which owns one of the largest importers of cosmetics and perfumes Hexagone in Ukraine. Hexagone partners are Brocard, Watsons,



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