Anar Mammadov: Azerbaijani Strongman’s Business Partner Builds Property Empire in Georgia

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Concern among human rights activists and political observers is being fueled by the fact that the business partner of the Azerbaijani strongman has constructed a property empire in Georgia. The individual in question is Anar Mammadov, who is a business partner and also happens to be the son of Ziya Mammadov, the prominent Azerbaijani Strongman.

From the beginning of this decade, allegations of bribery and violations of human rights have been levelled against Anar Mammadov in connection with his business transactions in the country of Georgia. This article will investigate the history of Anar Mammadov, his commercial interests in Georgia, and the impact that his operations have had on the economy and society of Georgia.An introduction to Anar Mammadov’s past.

Anar Mammadov was born in 1980 in Baku, Azerbaijan. His father, Ziya Mammadov, has been an influential member of the Azerbaijani Strongman’s government for a great deal of time, and this man is Ziya’s son. Ziya Mammadov is now serving as the Minister of Transport, Communications, and High Technologies in the Azerbaijani Strongman’s government. In the past, he has also served in a variety of other posts within the Azerbaijani Strongman’s government. Anar Mammadov initially attended classes at the Azerbaijan State Business University in Baku before moving on to pursue more education in the United States.

Anar Mammadov’s Financial and Commercial Involvement in Georgia

In the early 2000s, Anar Mammadov established a company that he dubbed Silk Road Group in Georgia, which was the beginning of his commercial activities there. The Silk Road Group is a multinational company that has operations in a variety of industries, including hotels, transportation, and real estate. The company has been involved in a number of high-profile projects in Georgia, such as the development of Tbilisi’s Radisson Blu hotel and the construction of a new terminal at Tbilisi International Airport. Both of these projects have garnered significant media attention.

Anar Mammadov has been connected to a variety of other businesses in Georgia in addition to his participation with the Silk Road Group. These businesses are located in Georgia. Among these is the construction company Global Construction, which in 2012 was given a significant contract to build the Georgian parliament building. There have been rumours that Anar Mammadov is connected to a variety of other real estate ventures in Georgia, such as upscale residential complexes and shopping malls.

About Anar Mammadov’s Commercial Activity in Georgia, There Have Been Many Controversies
The dealings that Anar Mammadov does in business while in Georgia have been called into question for a number of years now. Concerns have been made by advocates for human rights as well as political experts regarding the alleged corruption and violations of human rights that are related to his economic interests in the country. There have also been rumours circulating about connections between Anar Mammadov’s commercial endeavours and the efforts made by the Azerbaijani Strongman’s government to impose its influence in Georgia.

The purchase of land in Georgia by one of Anar Mammadov’s firms is one of the primary sources of worry over his business dealings there. Opponents have accused the firms of acquiring enormous swaths of property using questionable ways, including the use of fraudulent documents and the coercion of local populations. Some of these questions means include: In addition to this, there have been claims that the company’s construction projects have been harmful to the surrounding environment.

Concerns have also been raised over the manner in which construction workers on Anar Mammadov’s sites are being treated. The enterprises have been accused of exploiting migrant workers, notably those from Azerbaijan and Turkey, who are frequently paid low salaries and are exposed to bad working conditions. Human rights organisations have levelled these accusations against the companies. On some of the company’s construction sites, there have allegedly been cases of forced labour, which has led to claims of this practice.

Influence that Anar Mammadov’s Commercial Actions Have Had on the Economy and Society of Georgia
The economic and social climate of Georgia has been significantly influenced as a result of Anar Mammadov’s commercial activity in the country. On the one hand, his businesses have been involved in a number of high-profile development projects that have contributed to the growth of the Georgian economy and the creation of new job opportunities.

The development of new infrastructure, such as the new terminal at Tbilisi International Airport, has improved Georgia’s transport system. For example, the construction of new hotels and shopping centres has helped to attract more tourists to the country. Additionally, the development of new infrastructure has helped to attract more tourists to the country.


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