Amir Ali Omid: Defrauding Veterans, Living Kingsized

The CFPB recently imposed a consent order on the California-based mortgage lender, ClearPath Lending, for having perpetrated a VA loan scam for numerous years.

The ClearPath Lending office can be found at 15615 Alton Pkwy #300 in Irvine, California, US. Their phone number is +1 855-866-5363.

Ali Amid is currently the leader of ClearPath Lending.

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In my evaluation of ClearPath Lending, I have attempted to reveal as much of their unscrupulous practices as possible.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has implemented action against ClearPath Lending for their deceptive practices.

On September 14, 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a corrective order against ClearPath Lending, Inc.

What is the purpose?

The CFPB determined that ClearPath Lending was sending false, deceptive, and inaccurate information regarding their VA-insured mortgages to servicemen and women and veterans.

A breach of the following regulations took place:

  • The CFPA forbids any deceitful practices
  • Regulation Z is applicable
  • The MAP Rule covers Mortgage Acts and Practices – Advertising

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The researchers discovered that ClearPath Lending had sent out promotional material for VA-insured mortgages that were not accurately representing the credit conditions of the loans. In addition, they were omitting the disclosures mandated by Regulation Z.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a consent order against ClearPath, mandating that they pay a $625,000 civil money penalty, in order to address the egregious violations they had committed. In addition, further measures were taken to ensure that these offences would not be repeated.

The peril posed by VA loan swindles is incredibly perilous. These schemes primarily target individuals who have served in the military, endangering the lives of those who have selflessly fought to safeguard our nation.

Apart from ClearPath, other mortgage lenders participating in the VA loan scam, as reported by, are:

  • Accelerate Mortgage, LLC
  • Service 1st Mortgage, LLC
  • Hypotec, Inc
  •, Inc
  • Go Direct Lenders, Inc
  • Prime Choice Funding, Inc
  • Sovereign Lending Group, Inc

These companies specialize in mortgage services: Accelerate Mortgage, LLC; Service 1st Mortgage, LLC; Hypotec, Inc;, Inc; Go Direct Lenders, Inc; Prime Choice Funding, Inc; and Sovereign Lending Group, Inc.

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The CFPB began to examine the market due to worries about possible illegal promotional activities.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has recently announced measures they have taken against ClearPath Lending Inc. The following is an excerpt from the CFPB’s website:

An image can be seen depicting a person typing away at a laptop computer. The individual’s gaze is focused solely on the display, as if deep in concentration. The keys of the keyboard can be seen, indicating that the individual is actively utilizing the device.

This is a summary of their activities:

A picture depicting a company logo and its name is seen in the image. The company’s identity and name is presented in the photo.

Here is further information regarding the ClearPath Lending deceptive practice involving VA Loans:

After conducting further research on the ClearPath VA loan scandal, I uncovered a great deal of information. The CFPB’s inquiry gave an in-depth account of how this loan provider misled military personnel and veterans.

The CFPB’s documents regarding this mortgage lender provide the following information:

Misleading Regarding Credit Terms

False information was being disseminated by ClearPath Lending regarding the credit details including the APR, interest rates, closing costs, and payment amounts.

ClearPath largely endorsed their VA loans and services by means of direct-mail ads. Unfortunately, they disregarded the federal consumer law regulations prohibiting the utilization of deceitful and deceptive assertions in mortgage pamphlets in these advertisements.

Advertisements from ClearPath claimed to provide certain credit arrangements, yet they never actually provided them.

The investigation conducted by the Bureau revealed that ClearPath had been untruthful in relation to the credit terms that were associated with the mortgages they offered. Specifically, an advertisement placed between November and December 2017 advertised a variable-rate mortgage with a fixed interest of 2.25% for three years and an APR of 3.17%.

Nevertheless, the APR was not accurate. When the APR was computed using Regulation Z, which is a fairly up-to-date index, and the required discount points, the APR was the minimum of 3.516%.

Thus, the advertised APR from ClearPath Lending was not an accurate representation.

Misrepresenting Charges from Lenders

In the summer of 2017, the company made a clear statement with a boxed title of “Closing Costs” that declared “NO Lender Fees” in bold. They also had an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 3.17% in the same ad.

Though ClearPath offered a loan with an APR of 3.17%, customers would not be able to obtain it without paying two discount points at closing. This means the declaration of “NO Lender Fees” was false.

Misrepresenting the Rates of ClearPath Lending

ClearPath has been found to be deceiving customers by claiming that they offer fixed rates when, in actuality, they only supply variable-rate mortgage products in the same advertisements.

An article alerting readers to the allegations against Darwin Horan of Ventana Capital Inc. can be found here. It is a warning about a serial fraudster.

For the month of January 2018, ClearPath’s adverts included information on a “30 year loan / 3 year fixed” with the specified payment amount. They did not specify whether it was a Variable-rate mortgage or an Adjustable-rate mortgage before the “fixed” term in the advert.

The fine print on the offer page revealed that they were offering an adjustable-rate mortgage, rather than the fixed-rate mortgage they were pretending to provide. This was a highly underhanded way of deceiving customers.

In another commercial, the words “30 year fixed” were featured beneath a box proclaiming “Payment for Next 12 Months”. However, the payment was not constant for the entire 30 year period.

ClearPath had a goal in mind with the way they crafted their ads. They intended to deceive buyers into procuring a VA loan from them by offering inaccurate terms and opportunities.

The individuals referenced made-up ClearPath Lending rates and concentrated on deceiving consumers through their promotions.

Falsely Represented Connection

ClearPath used a notification letter format in many of their ads, giving the impression of being affiliated with the VA. The ads stated that the recipient was eligible for certain VA loan benefits.

The advertisement stated that those who have not taken advantage of the programs offered through The Department of Veterans Affairs have not established a connection with the organization.

It is possible to comprehend why someone would believe they had been sent a correspondence from a firm connected to the VA.

Disclosures That Do Not Meet the Necessary Requirements

A noticeable problem with the ads was that they were not providing enough information. All that was indicated were the sums to be paid, the duration of repayment, or the annual rate of interest, which is inadequate.

Mortgage lenders are obligated by Regulation Z to provide detailed information in any advertisement they distribute.

Regulation Z is being disobeyed in ClearPath’s ads in numerous ways, for example by supplying credit terms that are not practical and bringing up interest rates instead of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) conducted an investigation lasting several years which revealed a number of misleading and manipulative statements in the advertisements. As a result, the CFPB issued the consent order in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In the past, ClearPath Lending has not been successful.

Examining their past reveals that perpetrating a VA loan scam was not an unusual occurrence for them.

A senior executive of theirs, Said Djahanbin, who has also been known as Sean Dourdian and Said Jahanbin and Sean Dorodian, was convicted of providing a false statement to a financial organization, assisting, and inciting a violation of 18 USC § 1014 and 18 USC § 2.

Title 18, United States Code, Section 1014 deals with intentionally supplying misleading information or exaggerating the value of a security or asset in order to influence the decisions of specified organizations.

According to Section 2 of Title 18, United States Code, it states that…

  1. Whoever is responsible for any act that is considered to be an offense against the United States, or if they have encouraged, supported, commanded, or counselled it, is subject to principal punishment.
  2. If someone willfully causes a deed to be done that would be an offense if they had done it themselves, then they are punishable as a principal.

The amount of time we spend on our phones nowadays has grown exponentially. A huge increase has been seen in the usage of smartphones over the past few years, with people devoting more and more of their time to browsing the internet and interacting with one another on social media.

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Sean’s transgressions are now apparent. This individual lied and violated the laws of the United States.

The court mandated Sean Dourodian and John Doe to give back a collective restitution of $438,000.

Despite ClearPath Lending’s attempts to obscure its relationship with Sean Doroudian, his link to the company can still be located in some spots on the web.

In the legal document, the court had given a ruling to put him in the care of the Bureau of Prisons. Furthermore, they had mandated a 3 year supervised release under the terms and regulations of the US probation office.

Washington Mutual Bank and Indymac Bank, FSB, were the ones affected in the case.

The lawyers of Sean managed to have all the fines cancelled. The court dismissed all of the fines as Sean was unable to pay them with the restitution. The judgement for this case was declared on January 28, 2016.

The reason why ClearPath Lending is not publicizing its interactions with Sean Dourdorian is quite evident. When the leader of the business has to pay out close to half a million dollars and serve three years on probation, it creates a rather unfavorable image.

No one would be able to uncover anything about Sean Dourdorian at this point in time if they weren’t already familiar with him. The individual has disappeared from the web. ClearPath Lending doesn’t want anyone to be aware of him.

Edwin Lee serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Endamaj Funds, and is also the Chief Executive Officer of Neovision Ventures, Neomines Limited, and Neomines LLC. Additional information on Edwin Lee can be found here.

If you are interested, the following are the screenshots of the legal documents related to Richard Chan from Tucson:

Images are depicted here, the first being a 218, the second a 219, the third a 220 and the last a 221.

The Way ClearPath Lending is Aiming to Conceal This Information

Evidenced by the disciplinary actions taken by the CFPB, ClearPath Lending was deceiving its customers through a VA loan scam.

This is a critical matter. Any person who hears about it would be justifiably reluctant to be associated with such a business.

Undesirably, ClearPath has begun to finance paid articles and PR publications in order to stop people from hearing about their VA loan scam. As a result, they are attempting to conceal any articles or posts related to the scam.

This is not the first occasion they have engaged in something similar.

You likely encountered this article as you searched for feedback on ClearPath Lending. This firm has made sure to get affiliations with various review websites to guarantee that you only observe positive comments about them.

Big companies have various moral and immoral practices to advertise themselves. It is evident that ClearPath prefers to utilize morally questionable strategies to increase awareness of its products, as demonstrated by the CFPB’s consent order.

An illustration of this would be the header of a recent piece I came across on the internet:

Look for the “Sponsored Content” label? That signifies ClearPath financially supported the website to publish an article about them.

It is unlikely that many people will come across the article; however, if someone searches “ClearPath Lending reviews” or “Is ClearPath Lending legit” on Google, the individual may find articles like this one, leading them to believe that the corporation is legitimate rather than fraudulent. has more details.

ClearPath Lending is attempting to give the impression of being a business that is supportive of veterans by disseminating advertisements to that effect.

The CFPB is looking into the deceptive ads put out by the Starner Group of Raymond James and they wish to keep it on the down low. However, if one were to research their VA loan scams, they would likely keep a wide berth away from them.

When looking up information related to this company, one should be prepared to encounter a wealth of illogical propaganda.

It is important to search for any statements regarding the connection between the website or author and the business they are discussing.

I want to make it crystal clear that I am not connected to ClearPath Lending nor anyone related to the firm. Consequently, I am writing this review solely to alert people to the fraudulent practices of this VA loan company and their previous malicious activities.

ClearPath Lending Scholarship: Making a Bid for Integrity

As of late, firms have taken to announcing scholarships so as to give off a virtuous impression to their patrons.

ClearPath and River Cohen are scammers who present themselves as benevolent by offering scholarships. They obtain money from unsuspecting victims and then use a portion of it to fund the scholarships. Is this an acceptable practice in your opinion?

In order to win the ClearPath Lending scholarship, participants must enter their essay contest with the topic, “Is it essential to own a home? Explain why or why not?”

US college seniors who have been accepted into an institution, as well as undergraduate or graduate students already attending a college or university, can apply for the ClearPath Lending scholarship contest.

The amount of money offered through the scholarship is a considerable sum of $1,000; however, it’s quite disheartening knowing that this organization has been deceiving service members and veterans for 4-5 years. It’s difficult to compute the amount of money they have profited from this dishonorable action.

The motivation for their ClearPath Lending scholarship is not altruistic; instead, they are attempting to cover up the VA loan scheme by obscuring it with news about the scholarship.

Those who perused the information about this scholarship without being aware of the scam would consider ClearPath Lending to be an upstanding and perfect company.

They are attempting to mislead people’s opinion of them by their actions.

Consumer Affairs Reviews of ClearPath Lending: Uncovering the Reality

It would be remiss of me not to mention that ClearPath Lending is aligned with when making my review.

ConsumerAffairs gave ClearPath an almost perfect 4.5 star rating, just like the one on Glassdoor.

Nevertheless, the accuracy of their scores on this platform may be questionable when you take a closer look at the fine print that appears beside their name.

It’s evident that ClearPath is an approved associate of ConsumerAffairs. This indicates that they have paid to become a member of the review platform.

It is not wise to rely on review sites that charge businesses for membership; this is because many of these sites permit their paying members to delete any unfavorable comments posted on their page.

For more information on Marriott Grand Vacations, check out the exposé on The Grand Holiday Scam.

Accusations have been raised concerning ConsumerAffairs’ paid membership program. It is claimed that 80% of their paying customers rate the service with 3.5 stars or higher, accounting for the near-perfect rating they have received.

I’m not denying that all the favorable ClearPath Lending reviews are fictitious. All I’m saying is that it’s too straightforward to alter their ratings on these review sites, so you can’t put faith in them.

Furthermore, having a subscription can make it much simpler for them to control their score.

The internet is a frequent target for fraudulent activities, such as posting phony reviews to advance. Thus, it is essential to be conscious and alert to identify them.

Reviews from Glassdoor about ClearPath Lending

The Sean Dourodian case sheds light on the management of ClearPath. These same individuals had been exploiting veterans for a prolonged period before settling with a payment of over $500,000.

Upon searching their Glassdoor page, I discovered a plethora of grievances that are of importance to be shared. These issues illustrate that the primary problem with this corporation is not the workers, but the leadership.

The individuals in control of ClearPath Lending are most likely the ones to blame, as suggested by these reviews. The loan officers themselves, however, are probably innocent of any wrongdoing.

“Extremely Disappointing Employer”

The reviewer has indicated that the administration of ClearPath fails to inspire its employees and instead make the work atmosphere so unbearable that it causes those working to be brought to tears. This type of exploitation of personnel is an immense disadvantage of such crooked capitalist organizations.

“Organization of Dreadful Repute”

This review implies that in order to be successful at this business, one must be in a privileged group. It appears that the superiors demonstrate partiality toward certain staff and disregard others.

The individual expressed dissatisfaction that they and four other loan officers were let go. In the “Advice to Management” portion, they suggested the firm put an end to allowing their processors to perpetrate fraudulent activity to finalize loans. Additionally, they highlighted that the onboarding process at the company is very poor.

Giving preference to family members in matters of employment or advancement.

The critic in this case expresses that nepotism is widespread in ClearPath Lending. They also mention that the management lacks experience and is unable to manage the staff correctly. Moreover, workers are dismissed suddenly.

“Overly Close Supervision”

This ClearPath Lending review states that the company management has a tendency to micromanage their employees, which can drastically affect their work/life balance.

“Extremely Harsh”

This review alleges that the management of this company is particularly harsh. The individual complains that if you make one misstep, another worker can take the fruits of your labor.

The organization here has a difficult work atmosphere, and their superior even stayed by their desk until they produced a false review to boost their Glassdoor evaluations.

In my evaluation of ClearPath Lending, I noted my doubts regarding their Glassdoor rating in a subsequent section.

Glassdoor reviews about ClearPath Lending demonstrate that this company does not provide a good work environment for its workers. Here are some examples of the reviews I found:

How the Glassdoor rating of a company may not be dependable

I raised the issue of ClearPath attempting to sway people’s views through the utilization of paid articles and deceptive direct-mail campaigns.

They continue beyond this point, however.

In my view, paying for reviews is one of the most detrimental actions a company can take as it conceals the truth from their consumers.

If you take a look at ClearPath’s Glassdoor page, you’ll see that they have a remarkable score of 4.9 stars. However, this rating is just as misleading as their direct-mail advertising.

The high rating they boast is due to their Glassdoor page being filled with fabricated positive reviews.

It is straightforward to acquire counterfeit positive reviews on Glassdoor. If you conduct a Google search for “buy Glassdoor reviews,” the following results will be presented.

It is straightforward to adjust your Glassdoor rating if you desire to do so.

Can a company, who has been sending fraudulent advertisements to veterans for an extended period, purchase some positive reviews?

It’s evident that this business will throw money at the issue in order to downplay any unfavorable information or stories about them. This is done through the use of “Sponsored Content”, which allows them to bolster their reputation.

If you were to search for ClearPath Lending reviews, instead of the negative remarks I mentioned, you would discover nearly perfect ratings.

ClearPath Lending and the BBB: Concealing Criticisms:

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a well-known organization that provides a forum for consumers to share their experiences with businesses. However, it appears that ClearPath Lending is doing its best to keep complaints out of the public view.

Searching for ClearPath Lending BBB reviews on the web is a common occurrence as many people have faith in the integrity of the BBB review system.

The Better Business Bureau has been embroiled in a great deal of controversy due to its accreditation program. According to an article from CNN Money, it was discovered that some companies that were being investigated by governmental organizations were inexplicably awarded an A+ rating.

It has been established that a company can spend over $10,000 annually to keep their BBB accreditation, regardless of their legitimacy. As long as the fees are paid every year, they will have the BBB seal of approval.

The approach taken by ConsumerAffairs is comparable to this.

It’s clear that there is a connection between ClearPath Lending and the BBB, as there are no reviews of the former on the latter’s page.

The BBB does not clarify why they are “updating the profile”. Submitting a ClearPath Lending review will not be visible there.

It is impossible to determine if ClearPath is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since the alert hides all related information about their BBB page.

The extent of the deception of ClearPath is very extensive; they are willing to go to extreme lengths to deceive buyers. This is what frustrates me the most.

Unpublished ClearPath Lending Reviews That Are Not Readily Accessible

Upon further investigation, I discovered several grievances lodged against ClearPath Lending. A more comprehensive outlook on their practices can be gained by poring over these reviews.

“I Cannot Put Faith in Them”

A grievance is being expressed about the loan officers at ClearPath Lending. The complainant states that their payment was lost as a result of their loan officer’s erroneous guidance. Specifically, they were told that they could make the June installment in May and they proceeded to act on this advice.

In consequence, ClearPath refused to grant the loan, and the individual was not reimbursed for their advance payment.

“Unlawful Promotions”

In 2016, one individual noted that ClearPath Lending was unlawfully publicizing their merchandise by asserting that they were associated with organizations they had no ties to.

The CFPB has taken legal action against ClearPath due to its various illicit activities, in addition to falsely implying some type of association.

Conviction of Leadership has been Established

I noted the Sean Dourodian lawsuit in my review of ClearPath and this review is in regard to that. I decided to bring up this review particularly due to the response it acquired.

ClearPath Lending has taken legal action against an anonymous online poster for posting details which were freely available. It is a regretful state of affairs in the world today.

Large companies usually have a squad of attorneys ready to go to tackle any individual who poses a danger to them. Especially for those who uncover their misdeeds. This is why I decided to post my review here on Gripeo.

Avoiding being taken to court for revealing the VA loan scheme was something I did not desire. Unlike ClearPath Lending, I am not the head of a huge business or have millions of dollars to pay for legal costs.

The only thing I can count on for protection currently is my anonymity. On the other hand, it grieves me to observe corporations taking advantage of our veterans simply due to the fact that they have a great deal of spending power.

I am making a minor attempt to address their misdeeds through this review of ClearPath.

In Summary

In conclusion, it can be said that…

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took legal action against ClearPath Lending for carrying out what can be considered a scam of the highest order. This included running advertisements that were deceptive in nature and preying upon military personnel and veterans. As a result of their actions, the company was charged a hefty fine of over half a million dollars.

The leadership of this company has been taking advantage of their staff and it is uncertain whether their commendations are genuine or not. To cover up the evidence of their offenses, they resorted to initiatives such as the ClearPath Lending scholarship and the distribution of sponsored articles.

If you are familiar with somebody who may be curious about a VA loan from ClearPath Lending, you should pass on this review to them. It is important that they are aware of the facts regarding this lender.

To combat the fraudulent practices of companies, I suggest that you share this article with the people you know. Knowledge is power. The more people who are aware of this deceit, the sooner it can be put to an end.

Achieving success in life is no easy feat, but it is possible with dedication and focus. Working hard and having ambition are essential for success, and setting achievable goals can help you get there. Developing good habits and staying motivated will also be key to becoming successful.

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